The 10 Best Super Mario Games Of All Time

Mario, Nintendo’s mascot, has been famous since the 1980s when the first games were produced. By now, the mustachioed Italian plumber may outlast us all, but today, we are counting down the top 10 Mario games.

Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985)

First on the greatest Mario games of all time list is the original 2D platformer, Super Mario Bros. Mario originally appeared in Donkey Kong and then in Mario Bros., but this was the first genuine platformer that established the 80s and early 90s gaming genre.

Mario Party 2 (N64 1999)

Mario Party’s sequel may be the pinnacle of Nintendo 64 analog stick destruction software or nostalgia. Due to its innovative mini-games and all-star cast, this Mario Party version remains a fan favorite despite many sequels and reboots, making it one of the finest Mario games ever.

The actual pleasure in all Mario Party games is the “friendly” battle with three other players in the same room to see who breaks their controller as soon as possible via excessive button pressing and shaking of the delicate analog stick. Mario Part 2 was introduced to Nintendo Switch Online N64, letting you relive those experiences.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-year Door (GC, 2004)

Although the Paper Mario games originated on the N64, most Nintendo fans, like ourselves, enjoy the GameCube sequel. Paper Mario games, a spiritual sequel to the Mario RPG, have always been light RPGs that offered a break from platforming. The Thousand-Year Door’s JRPG-like turn-based fighting system, stunning visuals, and amusing moments make it entertaining. Its debut broke Mario’s game preconceptions.

Super Mario Rpg (Switch, 2023)

Many players overlooked the 1996 Super Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo. The game was never published in Europe, which made the SNES’s late days worse. Mario RPG, Nintendo’s and Square Enix’s last game before their separation, was really unique.

Despite being published via the Virtual Console service and featured in the Mini SNES game roster, it was not until 2023 that fans worldwide could play this game again, some for the first time, in a beautifully updated form. The updated Switch version included magnificent isometric 2D/3D visuals and several quality-of-life changes to simplify playing this old-school JRPG.

Super Mario 3d World (Wii U 2013)

Nintendo created a new 3D Mario game for the Wii U to compensate for the lack of a new game on the original Wii. Regardless of your opinion on the Wii U, the 3D World became a successor to Nintendo 3DS Mario.

3D World revived the Mario platformer genre with a slightly different twist and viewpoint than Sunshine or Galaxy. Super Mario 3D World is still exciting for up to four players and taught us how to repackage a classic platformer in a new 3D world. 

Super Mario Wonder (Switch, 2023)

2023 was a great Mario year. The stunning Mario RPG remake and a new 2D Mario game revolutionizing everything were released. Wonder seemed like another New Super Mario Bros. game, but we soon realized otherwise. 

The new Mario platformer revamped decades-old gameplay by adding new gimmicks, like the Wonder Flower level modifications, and updating existing 2D Mario features.

From the intricate updated character animations to the tweaked original noises and brand-new ideas, Wonder seems fresh and innovative, something we did not expect from a decades-old 2D franchise. Even though it is new, Super Mario Wonder is one of the finest Mario games ever.

Super Mario World (NES, 1990)

Finally, the classics. Super Nintendo consoles arrived with the first significant sequel following the NES trilogy, which needs little introduction. Super Mario World exceeded expectations. Whether you played this game at the time or after via multiple re-releases, this was the zenith of vintage 2D Mario games.

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii, 2007)

The first large 3D Mario game had to reignite Mario 64’s charm and redefine 3D platforming after GameCube’s somewhat wobbly Sunshine. Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii has some of the most imaginative 3D levels and stunning visuals for the time. 

The Wii competed with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Super Mario Galaxy was the finest platformer of that generation owing to its innovative design and gameplay, which still works today. Super Mario Galaxy is out on Switch in a great remake.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch, 2017)

Although Mario Kart 8 was launched on the Wii U, the enhanced Deluxe edition for Switch is the best-selling game for the system, with 57 million units sold. Mario Kart games have been around since the SNES, but the eighth Deluxe installment is the best. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has the most circuits and playable characters from previous versions and the Booster Pass, which added fresh content until November 2023. Mario Kart is fun whether you play alone, with friends, or online because of its simple gameplay, which never gets old.

Super Mario 64 (N64 1996)

The mid-1990s move to 3D graphics challenged developers but captivated players. Nintendo navigated this new territory better than many other popular titles. The launch title for the N64, Super Mario 64, redefined the rules and established the foundation for 3D platformers and third-person 3D games. 

Instead of merely showcasing new technology, Shigeru Miyamoto and the Nintendo team created a great game with several worlds, levels, mysteries, and good gameplay that still works today. How badly many early 3D games from this time have aged makes it more evident how crucial this title was to the video game industry.

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