The Best Mario Songs Of All Time: A Musical Journey Through The Super Mario Series

You can’t forget the legendary music from the Super Mario games. These songs written by skilled singers like Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota are a big part of gaming culture. Nintendo has rules about taking down content but the VGM community keeps the magic alive.

Super Mario Bros. – Overworld Theme

It is a famous piece of video game music that has stood the test of time. The track written by the famous Koji Kondo is easily known to players worldwide. The fast beat and catchy tune perfectly capture the sense of adventure and fun that makes the Mario series what it is. The Qumu version of the theme song has a modern twist but still has the original charm. The remix changes the track in new ways making it feel new and exciting while still honoring its roots.

Super Mario Bros. 3 – Airship Theme

The Airship Theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 is a dramatic and tense piece of music that goes well with the problematic airship levels in the game. Koji Kondo wrote this track with deep, scary notes and a moving drum beat that make you feel like you need to act quickly and be careful. The metal version of the theme by ToxicxEternity takes this intensity to a whole new level, strengthening the original track’s dark and ominous mood. Lots of heavy guitar and pounding drums are added to the cover, which makes the theme stronger and more intense.

Super Mario World – Athletic Theme

The Super Mario World song Athletic Theme is a lively and upbeat piece that perfectly captures the game’s silly vibe. Written by Koji Kondo, it features a happy piano tune and a jumbled sound design that fits the game’s fun mood. High-pitched drumbeats and strange instrumentals make the track feel more fun and exciting. Fans love this theme because it makes them feel old and makes the action-packed levels sound better.

Super Mario Rpg – Beware The Forest’s Mushrooms

Yoko Shimomura wrote the memorable track Beware the Forest Mushrooms from the Super Mario RPG. It is known for its unique mix of happy tunes and strange themes. The track rhythm is higher pitched giving it a playful feel. However dark and mysterious parts give the music more depth. This song shows Shimomura skill at mixing different types of music, a preview of her future work on the Kingdom Hearts series.

Super Mario 64 – Bob-omb Battlefield

Bob Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 is a famous song that feels like the game spirit of exploration and adventure. Koji Kondo wrote this song with a jazzy upbeat tune that is easy to remember. This track has a lot of energy making it stand out in the game music. Many versions and remixes of the song have been made because of its popularity making it even more of a classic Mario song.

Super Mario 64 – Dire, Dire Docks

The track Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64 is beautiful and moody, capturing the game’s peaceful underground world. Koji Kondo wrote this track, which has a relaxing xylophone tune that is both relaxing and interesting. A drum beat and snares that rock add a sense of danger and speed to the track, which fits with the underwater tasks of the game. The cover by Insaneintherainmusic of the song gives it a new depth, with beautifully played piano and creative jazzy riffs that make the original tune sound better.

Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Galaxy

Gusty Garden Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy is a beautiful and solemn song that perfectly captures the thrill and wonder of exploring the galaxy. Mahito Yokota wrote this track with excellent string work, a beautiful harp and a significant brass part that brings the piece to life. This track’s creative use of instruments and music gives it depth and complexity making it stand out in the game score. The song’s success has led to many covers and versions which shows that fans will always like it.

Super Mario Odyssey – Fossil Falls/cascade Kingdom

Mega Man Odyssey’s Fossil Falls/Cascade Kingdom is an epic and exciting track that sets the mood for the game’s journey and findings. Naoto Kubo wrote this track with sweeping strings and an extensive brass section, giving the piece a sense of grandeur and excitement. This song stands out in the game’s music because of its rocking rhythm and exciting vibe, which fits the theme of exploration and finding. Many versions and remixes of the song have been made because of its popularity, showing that fans will always like it.

Super Mario Odyssey – Jump Up, Superstar!

The Super Mario Odyssey song Jump Up, Superstar! is a lively and catchy tune that captures the game’s mood. This song was written by Naoto Kubo and sung by Kate Higgins. It has catchy singing and a jazzy, energizing, and uplifting tune. The song’s words encourage people to sing and dance along because they talk about how much fun it is to explore and find new things. Many versions and remixes of the song have been made because of how famous it is, which shows that fans will always like it.


The music of the Super Mario series has had a prolonged effect on the way people play video games. These songs like Overworld Theme and Gusty Garden Galaxy are deeply rooted in the hearts of gamers all over the world. Fans will always remember the songs that Koji Kondo and other skilled musicians have made. The covers by the VGM community show how famous these songs are today. As long as Mario is in new places one thing is for sure the music will always be an essential part of the journey.

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