Tips And Tricks For Super Mario Bros

Even though Super Mario Bros. Wonder isn’t the most challenging Mario game ever, it still has its fair share of obstacles. This guide will help if you encounter a specific problem while playing through the Flower Kingdom. We have compiled a list of 13 tips and tricks to make your platforming games even more fun. You can change many things about how you play, from small changes to your settings to valuable menu items.

Tricks, Tips, And Hints For Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Felix, our great video director, was there to turn these tips and tricks into a movie. If you’d rather watch than read, you can click on the video at the top of the page.

Quickly Check Level Completion 

If you want to finish the game 100%, you should keep track of the green checks that show up on fully finished levels. This checkmark typically appears when you have all three big flower coins and wonder seeds and reach the top of the flagpole. If you have all of these things and the checkmark is still missing, you know there is a sneaky secret exit somewhere in the level you have yet to find.

See The Action Plan.

The ‘Action Guide’ on the third page of the ‘Control Guide’ screen has full directions for every move. If you want to learn to do moves like throwing things into the air, this is where you should go.

Spend Your Purple Coins.

You can only hold 999 Purple Coins at a time. Any you get after this point will not be added to your collection, so spend them on Badges, Wonder Seeds, Standees, or Power-Ups whenever you can. You don’t want all the hard work you put into collecting to go to waste.

Push The Pipes Faster And Harder.

The ‘Y’ key makes you dash when you’re running, but it makes you move a pipe much faster when you hold it down while pushing it. Even though it’s not much, it can save essential seconds in a race.

Place Your Power-ups Wisely.

Instead of just using one Power-Up at a time, like in previous 2D Mario games, you can save one and call it up when holding the “A” key. This is very helpful to ensure you can use a certain Power-Up late in a level. But remember that getting another Power-Up will replace the one you saved, so plan.

Develop A Control System That Works For You.

Go to the settings and change the buttons to how you like them if those with Wonder don’t work for you. If you move around a lot while you play and don’t want to see any Spin Jumps, you can turn off Motion Controls in the settings menu. You can also switch the run and jump buttons around.

Get Ready To Rumble.

Your Joy-Con will make noise at different times in Wonder, but did you know they can also play music? In the game settings, you can change how intense the rumble is and how loud the music is.

Don’t Talk To Flowers.

If you don’t like the running comments during the game, you can change the Talking Flower choices in the game settings. If you like the idea of the Talking Flowers but want to avoid hearing their wise words, you can see the text or listen to their sounds. You can also choose what language you want to get it in.

Be Wary Of Default Settings

Now that you have the settings just the way you like them, don’t press “X.” That will undo all your hard work and return to the default settings.

Don’t look for a pop-up asking, “Are you sure you want to return to the default settings?” You won’t find one.

Explore Hidden Blocks

So, if you want to find every secret the game offers, switch up your main character. Each character has blocks that only they can see. This helps a lot in the Search Party parts of the game, where switching characters or playing the level together can be a quick and easy way to find those sneaky Flower Tokens.

Provide Help Online

The online features of Mario Wonder can help you find hidden items, speed up revives, or see scenes in a new way. You will only die on a complex level soon if you use standees or fly back to your fellow players. Also, working together on tasks like the Search Party stages listed above is a safe way to save time. Go to one of the stands in the overworld or press the button that looks like a hook in the pause menu to play online with other people.

Flip That Frown.

Holding down ‘Y’ while you’re still will not really change the game, but it will make your character look angry instead of calm.

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