Mario Vs. Sonic: Which One Is Better?

Super Mario Bros. was released in 1985. This was the introduction of side-scrolling platform gameplay that revolutionized the gaming industry, setting standards high. Super Mario 64 brought Mario into the 3D realm in 1996. It showcases Nintendo’s innovation and creativity.

On the other hand, its competitor Sonic came later in 1991. It boasts similar qualities that set it apart in the gaming world. Here we’ll see Mario vs Sonic in detail.

What is Super Mario Bros.? 

Mario is a gaming character who was introduced as a carpenter named “Jumpman” in the 1981 arcade classic “Donkey Kong.” Later, his name was changed to “Mario,” inspired by Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America’s warehouse.
Super Mario Bros. is among the classic and most popular games. As of now, this character is loved beyond just movies. Mario’s universe is filled with several other memorable characters, like his loyal brother Luigi, the damsel in distress, Princess Peach, and his arch-nemesis Bowser. Mushroom Kingdom is shaped by the depth of each character, which adds more flavors to its vibrant tapestry.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a vide game series created by the Japanese developers Yuji Naka, Naoto Ohshima, and Hirokazu Yasuhara for Sega. Sonic was launched in 1991. Naka, Ohshima, and Yasuhara developed the first Sonic game for the Saga Genesis to compete with Nintendo’s Mario. It helped Sega become one of the leading video gaming companies in early 1990s.

While Sonic games often have unique game mechanics and stories, they also have some recurring elements like the ring-based health system, level locales, and fast-paced gameplay. Sonic the Hedgehog is Sega’s flagship franchise, and sold over 140 million units by 2016.

Mario Vs. Sonic

Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog are among the top figures in video gaming world that can’t go unrecognized. They always beat near-impossible odds. But, which is better than the other? Comparison below will put the laws of physics into question.

Power Ups: With both games known for their power ups, but Mario has tremendous advantage over his opponent with power-ups such as the Invincibility Leaf, Hammer Suit, Metal Mario, Invisibility Hat, and Gold Flower. On the other hand, Sonic has Invincibility Stars, Power Sneakers, and Blue Shield, but Mario has slight edge.

Raw Strength: In Super Mario 64, Mario lifted Bowser that is the size of an elephant and proceeded to hurl him at active mines. On the other Sonic doesn’t show that much power.

Combat Experience: Protagonists of both games have fair share of hardships. Villains like Bowser and Dr. Robotnik have their plots foiled time and time because protagonists aren’t new to the game. So it is a tie here.

Help From Allies: Here Mario wins the battle with as Mario has strong comparing.

Game Levels: Sonic’s Green Hill Zone is one of the well-known levels in games. Mario isn’t much far behind Sonic but Sonic wins when it comes to levels.

Super Smash Bros Abilities Only: When comparing Sonic vs Mario, both characters sr capable of playing in one of the most popular fighting games. Going by pick rate alone, Sonic will beat Mario by a landslide. Sonic is capable of pulling off insane maneuvers than Mario.

Verticality: Sonic is known for using springs and bouncy balls to jump higher, and also known to jump higher in general. In Super Mario Galaxy, Mario uses Launch Stars to jump to distant planets with a single jump. Nevertheless, Mario depends on his wall jump and triple jump to achieve a meaningful altitude. So Sonic wins here!

Physical Force: Sonic the Hedgehog’s blinding speed in his base form puts him on top against his opponent. Mario doesn’t have that much speed.

Use of the Elements: Mario can hurl scorching fireballs at his opponents while this power would unquestionably be problematic for Sonic.

Enduring Pop Icons of Mario and Sonic through Generations

Since the breakout success of SMB in the 1980s, Mario has been a part of over 200 video games across multiple Nintendo consoles. We explored the dream world of Subcon in 1988 through Super Mario Bros. 2. 1990 was the year of the launch of the fan-favorite Super Mario World, and the list continues. 

Sonic is also among the iconic game characters that boast influence beyond borders but rather more of a cultural identity around the world.
They have such stunning visuals and graphics that Mario and Sonic have never been stale. Most gamers found memories regardless of which version they played. Then, beyond games, last year we saw the Super Mario Bros. movie.

It has been over 40 years, and Mario is showing no signs of slowing down. While Sonic has been taking world by storm through its huge power in comparison to Mario for the last 30 years. Both have their advantages and disadvantages over other.

FAQs about Super Mario Bros

How Super Mario Bros did make a cultural impact?

Mario was introduced in the 1981 arcade classic “Donkey Kong” as a carpenter named “Jumpman.” Later, his name was changed to Mario inspired by Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America’s warehouse.

How does Mario’s influence extend beyond the game?

Mario is not just a gaming character. He has also appeared in books, movies, and cartoons, and even has breakfast cereal on its name. Mario’s iconic catchphrases like a “It’s me, Mario!” have become part of cultures extending to cultures around the world.

Who did come out first, Mario or Sonic?

Mario was launched first. He was introduced to the world as Jumpman from Donkey Kong since 1981. On the other hand, Sonic was introduced in the gaming world in 1991.

Who is stronger in Mario vs Sonic?

Super Sonic is much stronger than Mario. He defeated Solaris who destroyed time and space. Mario also boasts amazing strength, intelligence and more variety of power-ups, yet Sonic has stronger arsenal of speed and durability that overpowers Mario at the end.

Final Thoughts 

The influence of Mario and Sonic extend beyond just gaming. These gaming characters have appeared in movies, cartoons, and comic books. Mario’s iconic catchphrases, like “It’s me, Mario!” are recognized by popular cultures around the world. 
So the impact of the game is real. If you have not played them yet, go play; you are missing a lot of fun!

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