10 Unknown Facts About Super Mario

The Super Mario Bros has 10 exciting facts about the famous character, ranging from his first name to his job. If you played Super Mario as a kid, you must be excited about the new Super Mario Bros. Movie. Like the games, the movie is about Mario getting ready to fight Bowser, the main bad guy in the series. 

Few video game heroes are as well-known as Super Mario (maybe Sonic), but how well do you know him? Tell you ten interesting facts about the plumber and his travels you may have yet to learn. There’s more to the happy, jumpy guy than meets the eye, whether it’s his past, family, or enemies.

Mario Was Only Sometimes Named Mario

Mario’s original name was Jumpman, which comes from the fact that he had to jump over things. It is said that Mario got his name from Mario Segale, who owned the building where Nintendo of America was housed.

Super Mario Bros Was One Of Many Games To Include Mario

Before Super Mario Bros., there were games with Mario. Super Mario Bros. was the first game with Mario. Mario first showed up in 1981 in a game called Donkey Kong. His name at the time was Jumpman.

The US Took A Lot Of Work To Release Super Mario Bros. 2

Because the first Super Mario game was so popular, Nintendo made a follow-up very quickly: Super Mario Bros. 2. The US branch of the company, on the other hand, decided not to print the game because it was too hard for their players and too much like the original.

Mario’s Theme Park

A theme park in Japan called Super Nintendo World opened in March 2021. It is based on Mario. Many rides and activities in the park are based on Mario, such as a real-life Mario Kart driving experience.

Mario Appears In 250+ Games

Since Donkey Kong in 1981, Mario has been in more than 250 video games. These games have come out for many systems, such as the NES, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo Switch.

The first video game character to star in a film is Mario.

A live-action movie based on the Super Mario Bros. series came out in 1993. The movie didn’t do well with crowds or reviews, but it’s still a favorite among fans of the series.

Mario Has A ‘Day’

March 10th is Mario Day, and Mario fans worldwide enjoy it. Because the short form for March 10th (Mar10) looks like the name Mario when written out, it was made into a holiday.

Mario Has Worked Over 12 Jobs

Mario is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and skilled men in the world. He has had over 12 jobs, but only seven are publicly recognized. In the first Donkey Kong game, he started as a builder and then changed roles to become a plumber. The official list of jobs includes plumber, doctor, race car driver, martial artist, professional baseball, soccer, and basketball player.

Mario’s Foe Was An Ox Originally

The famous video game hero Mario might have met a very different enemy if the person who made him stuck to his original plan. Miyamoto got the idea that an ox could be Mario’s biggest enemy from a cartoon called Alakazam the Great. But Tezuka, one of his coworkers, suggested a turtle instead. They worked together to make Bowser the evil Koopa king.

Mario Brothers Are Twins

If Mario and Luigi are different in height, build, and behavior, you might think they are brothers, even though they are many years apart in age. As shown in the 1995 Mario platform game Yoshi’s Island, the two are twins. In the game, the stork brings the twins to their parents, but they are split up. After that, Yoshi sets out to find baby Mario and his brother Luigi and bring them back together.

Final Thoughts

Super Mario shows exciting facts about the famous character and his travels that only a few know. From his humble beginnings as Jumpman to becoming the renowned plumber we know today, Mario has won the hearts of gamers worldwide. The Super Mario Bros will get people interested in this classic figure all over again. 

Fans can look into these interesting facts that show how Super Mario has lasted for a long time while they wait for the movie to come out. Mario’s charm and lasting draw can’t be denied, no matter how long you’ve been a fan or how new you are to the series.

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