Super Mario Underwater

Here is a one scene, one adventure type of a game. The goal is very simple you only have to collect all the coins that'll be sprayed about to get the highest possible score. The more coins you collect, the higher your score would be. Try to go for your highest possible performance. Mario Underwater is all about getting a high score and staying alive as long as you possibly can.

Expect to see lots of enemies in this game. They'll all pour from above and won't stop until they succeed in consuming all of Mario's lives. The good Mario is given five extra lives in this online game. Once all of them are up, the game is over. Mario's score will be tallied along with the number of coins that he was able to collect. Each coin is worth 200 points.

Move Mario by playing with the Arrow Keys. Since Mario is supposed to swim in this game, all the Arrows are in play. Press the one that would take Mario to the desired spot in the game screen. Remember that you have to put Mario to where he is safe. The enemies here are swimming too and they're swimming fairly well at that. Dodge all of 'em no matter what the cost.

Be reminded though that all your enemies you see are impossible to kill. For some reason, the water gives them a blanket of vulnerability. The only way to kill them is to use fireballs. But unfortunately for this game, you are not given that luxury when playing it. The Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Spinies are going to give you a very tough time. And they offer no mercy too.

They would keep on attacking until Mario is cornered. The least you can do is to collect all the coins that come your way. The entertaining Super Mario Underwater game is offered on a hard core gaming mode. If you use up all your lives, the game is over. You won't have to worry about saving the princess or anything like that. Just stay alive and gather all these coins.

When you think about it, that should be a fairly easy goal to complete. If it wasn't for the swarming enemies, the game is not as challenging. Do your best to withstand all enemy attacks and give King Bowser's minions a good run for their money. Good luck and stay alive. Play helping Mario swim towards victory.

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