Super Mario Time Attack Game

In this game the bad guy named Lakitu had kidnapped princess Peach, taking her into a territory infested of difficulties and tramps. Here, you will be playing Mario online by helping our beloved hero to run and fight against time, to win the game you have fight the enemies and also return the Princess Peach safe and back to a secure zone!

Note that this game of Mario has 40 levels of full action and adventure for being played for hours and for free. In Super Mario Time Attack game you must play and save the princess from tragedy. You might feel comfortable to play this cool game from the beginning to the end because it uses graphics taken from the classic and original game.

It's a race against time. Are you up to the challenge? If so, play and test your wares in this adrenalin-ready game. Breeze through all the levels as fast as you can with no second to waste. There are forty levels in all and you must complete them in no time. Only a Super Mario expert can do that. If you think you are, first you should see how well you'll fare in this fast-paced game.

If you can't reach the ending part of the level before time runs out, you're going to be toasted. The super hero will lose one of the lives he has and you would have to repeat the whole thing from the start. This is an adrenalin rush game of Mario indeed. If you really believe that you know Super Mario's moves and grooves well, then you are going to perform very well.

Play Super Mario in full accuracy that's the trick of the game. You need to be fast but careful. You have to watch out for all well-known enemies, the obstacles, and anything else that he might encounter that would make him lose his life. This isn't an easy free game of Super Mario to play. If you're not really good, you won't be able to get far in this game.

As always, in Mario Brothers' Time Attack game, there are many obstacles along a dangerous way, so be careful and play trying your best run. Play the brave Super Mario online while enjoying a very funny story of the Italian super hero with this great free game of Super Mario Bros. based on the magic of Nintendo!

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