Super Mario Stairsways

This mind-blowing game of the Super Mario Bros. gets the hero in a running frenzy to fight for dear life. Mario has to jump from one platform to another so he won't bump at the spikes situated at the top of the screen. Mario has to look before he leaps though, because he can't fall down either. The platforms are shooting fast right up the screen and Mario has to act quickly.

He must stay at the middle of the board to keep the game going. There are different kinds of platforms appearing in these games. Many of them are regular platforms but you've got to watch out for the running ones, the springy kinds, and the types with spike. You will notice that there could be items on the platform. You'll see flowers, mushrooms, turtle shells, and stars.

Gather them all up for a higher score. Each item is worth a certain number of points. The more you pick up, the higher score you would obtain. Play the game by moving Mario using the Arrow Keys. Use the Left and Right Keys to move him around. There's no need to jump in this game. The goal is to get Mario down the platforms as fast yet as safely as possible.

The levels found in this amazing online game are counted continuously. Keep Mario alive as long as possible and you'll have a very high score. After the game, you have the ability to share your points with the rest of the online players. Super Mario Stairsways is particularly a fast-paced game so you need to keep your elements up when playing.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to reach the highest levels and the highest scores as much as possible. In order to do that, you've got to be extremely careful with your moves. Try not to jump before the next platform shows up. You are at high risk of falling down if you keep doing it that way. Also, observe how Mario reacts when he steps on the special platforms.

Some platforms disappear once you set foot on it. Others will maintain you jumping instead of running. There are also platforms that would steer you away from the direction you want to go. All of these things make the game more exciting. But to be very good in this Mario game, you have to learn how to fully enjoy playing it.

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