Super Mario Save Toad

Mario is out on a quest to save Toad who is captured by no less than the evil King Koopa and he has to be freed at once. Unfortunately, Koopa has got a huge head start and Mario can only do so much to catch up. Mario has to pass through eight grueling stages in order to save Toad. Your mission is to play the game starting with World 1 and clear it with flying colors.

However, you won't be able to get access it without going through a short tutorial session to prepare you for the game. Just after completing that World 1 gets accessible. You then have to play and clear all the worlds in the correct order. The next world opens up when the previous one is cleared. Face every challenge bravely until you arrive to the eighth and final world.

Prepare yourself for the biggest challenge for that is also when you come face-to-face with the boss. The challenges in World 1 are no match to what you would go through in the next few stages. In this Super Mario online game, the hero is given only three lives to play with. Make the proper use of those three lives to give Mario a fighting chance in saving Toad.

The enemies in Super Mario Save Toad game are not very different from the many Mario games you have played before. The Goombas and the Troopas are the first enemies you'll encounter. Simply stomp upon them to eliminate them. However, you'll find Mario's jump to seem to be more of a flying act than leaping. Don't worry, you'll get used to it as you play the game more and more.

Grab the golden coins and hit the question mark blocks. These are the two ways to obtain the number of your coins up. Remember that when your coin collection reaches a hundred, you will be rewarded with an extra life. Watch out for all other items that can help you with your quest and do away with all the things that will only slow you down. To control Mario, use the Arrow Keys.

Move him either to the left or the right with the use of the Left and Right Keys. Make Mario jump by using the Up Arrow Key. The Down Arrow Key is used to make him go down the dark tunnels. Have a good mission of saving Toad. Remember that Toad is very important to Princess Peach. You have to be sure that he is freed from the clutches of Koopa before it's too late.

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