Super Mario Rush Arena Game

Play a heavy and full stress adventure with the brave hero. To start just push on "PRESS TO PLAY" and the rest is made on the same fashion as a traditional game of the Super Mario Bros. This fantastic free game was designed to be played and enjoyed with your friends! Get the power of the beloved plumber in this fantastic magic world.

Relax yourself and play this Super Mario online game in its three unique areas especially created for your delight: Original Onslaught, Cave Chaos and Bowser Bashing. Stop The Bowser you may use the arrow keys for getting more points. Are you ready for an action-packed, rapid free game of Mario? Well, this version of the old game will definitely do your reflexes better.

This game is a combination of speed, action and precision that players never had before. Here you race against time and try to kill as many enemies as you can without getting caught. This Mario game is only for experts, the weak of heart need not play it either. Play it online in an ultra fast-paced mode. You can never lurk around or lie in wait in the game

If you linger a second longer then your game is finished it'll be a Game Over message for you. To play Super Mario and win, you have to do the math, stomp at as many turtles and toads as possible in the shortest time. The clock is always ticking and if the time difference gets -10, no matter how good you are at keeping yourself alive, Mario will go down and you'll have to start again.

As previously said the Super Mario Rush Arena game is composed of three amazing levels. The last two areas of the game are locked and waiting for you until you get past the first one. All these crazy levels are quick to play and very mind boggling you'll love the whole new Super Mario experience that these online game can bring.

Play by helping the cool plumber to fight against all the Goombas and Koopas you could find in your road. Jump on their heads and be very bad when fighting these enemies to gain additional points. Pay attention on this: Enough flattering may transform the game playing on one with extra action - of course, all in the classic Super Mario Brothers world style.

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