Super Mario Rampage Game

The favorite game character of many of us is back. No more of head butting blocks or jumping on enemies. Play an interesting and dark Super Mario version - enjoy a crazy game that changes all plumber tools for a big gun in his hands! In this game of Super Mario you must take care on your path.

He's got really crazy in this auto shooter. Here you're gonna play Super Mario by shooting at the old enemies with the loaded rifle you're provided - like when play a regular shooting game. Be careful, shoot at all them but don't let them even touch you because they'll kill you without any doubt. Here is a shooting game for killing all those bad guys in your way or die!

Our favorite plumber is on the loose and he isn't going to falter this time around. There isn't a plan for evasion only a straight-on, hardcore attack. Armed with a rifle, he's out to leave all enemies eliminated. It isn't a bloody game although it may sound like it. Kids can play it. Super Mario's still cute and cuddly even if he acts like a guerrilla in this free Mario game.

That's right – no jumping or stomping. He had enough of that. The goal is to aim that rifle and kill all enemies that you will come across with. There's only one thing that you're able to control in the game – and that's the gun. He'll walk and run all through the game fields on his own. You just have to adjust your aim and make sure that the next enemy dies before you step on it.

The trick for playing this Super Mario online adventure is to kill the land-based animals. If you're a beginner, you may forget all about the turtles with wings and play being concentrated on the caterpillars, toads, dinosaurs, and monkeys. In this game of Mario, there isn't one single reason for you to kill the air-based adversaries because they are not a threat anyway.

But when you get really good at the game, it would be great if you can kill all the enemies present, including the soaring turtle birds. Play Mario on a rampage and enjoy it. How to Control the Super Mario Rampage game: Use LEFT and RIGHT Arrows to Move. UP and DOWN are used to aim the gun. Shoot at bad guys by pressing the SPACEBAR.

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