Super Mario Racing Game

The always brave Italian plumber definitely knows how to play a racing game - he has demonstrated that again and again. As usual, he and the rest of his friends have joined him. Here, you'll be playing Super Mario online with Luigi, Princess, Toad, Bowser, or the Italian plumber himself. Then bring him to the game's finish line in as fast as you possibly can.

You've got to employ good driving skills to play and win on Super Mario Racing game. Be reminded that arriving to the finish line isn't gonna be a walk in the park. You'll find it hard - much more win first place. There are dozens or hundreds of opponents out to stop him. They'll pass him by trying to delay him. After all this is a racing game. And in a race, only the best driver wins.

With your assistance he should be successful. Play guiding him as he goes past the other cars and leave the rest of the drivers behind. You would have to play Super Mario driving his car as carefully as you can to avoid bumps and major accidents. However, you must not drive too slow because he won't be able to catch up with the race leaders that way.

This is a great racing game with excellent graphics. It is a timed game and the score is proportional to the time that he spent getting to the finish line. Speed is very important element. But to help you with your goals, you would discover many special items appearing on the game's race track. Catch them and get the bonus that they carry.

This free game of Mario has power ups, star bursts, mushrooms, bananas, and time flowers available. All of these can help you to in one way or another in getting to the checkered flag with flying colors. Also, the game screen will show the player essential game information such as the time elapsed, current speed, the lives he has left and his available special weapons.

You will need to play the game using all those weapons accordingly to clear other racers or to go past them easily. The controls to play this free Mario game are: Left Key Turn Left, Right Key - Turn Right, Up Arrow Accelerate, Down Arrow Brake, Space Bar Special Attack.

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