Super Mario Power Coins Game

In this free game of Super Mario, all his original enemies are playing - classic angry - rocks, bomb - bullets, American footballs and many more - they are here once again together to fight and difficult his tasks. Your good old Super Mario Brothers adventures have taken an exciting twist with this game.

Known as the Super Mario Power Coins game, you should have a fair idea that the game is all about the ever popular, lustrously glittering coins that figures well in every Mario game. In this one, you won't have to hop or jump around to get to your goal. All you need to do is to catch all those coins and other useful items as they pour out from the sky.

But beware as there would be bad catches too. You might lose a life, get paralyzed, or lose points if you caught not the right items from the clouds.Now you'll play Super Mario in a whole new level. A Mario game doesn't have to be formulaic all the time. A nice variation will do it well, especially with the true blue fans. A break from the ordinary is always a welcome change.

Let the game introduce you to a whole new world and play Super Mario online like you never had it before. Here's a game that can alter the way you play, it'll give you a good relief from the usual. Play it like you never did before. With such a game, you are sure to enjoy hours after hours of fun and enjoyment.

The adventure will come through. Here, it'll be recommended to play Mario by collecting as many coins and Mushrooms as possible - of course, collect the diamonds too. It is important to catch all mushrooms and coins you can in your way into this amazing game. Be sure to dodge the falling obstacles due that they'll make abort your task.

With the blaster you're able to take break asteroids and take away danger. In this action game you have to watch out for the security patrol, it could surprise you! Press "JUGAR" to begin to play this Mario online game, select between Mario and Luigi, to move use the LEFT and RIGHT Arrow keys...and that's it, just play the game...itís free!

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