Super Mario Playground 2

Take a time to enjoy the entertaining Super Mario Playground 2, it is very challenging game of the Super Mario Bros. series that was designed to put all the skills learned of an avid Mario player right on the fore. Enemies will be raining down the pipes. Mario has to hold on to dear life in order to get a high score in this game. The golden coins are going to be sprayed all around.

You have to play while collecting as many coins as you can to further pile up on that score. The higher score you're able to make, the better your performance is. If you are playing this online game with another person, each of your scores will play a extremely important role. The main thing to achieve in this Mario game is to stay alive as long as you possibly can.

Expect to see as many enemies and there are coins in this game. King Koopa's minions rain down from above. It's a good thing that you can stomp on the Goombas and the Koopa Troopas. But remember that you can't even the Spinies. Watch out for the Koopa Troopas too. Their sliding shells could be deadly for all, including Mario. Use it to your advantage.

Kill one Koopa Troopa and let its shell slide back and forth. All your enemies who fall down on its path must be eliminated. That means you'll have a really high score. Control Mario by pressing the Arrow Keys. To make him jump, press Shift. Mario can also run. Simply hold down the Space Bar for him to do so. Speed and agility are the two most critical skills needed in this game.

If you're able to get out of your present situation you'll be more than capable of winning the game. Timing is especially essential too. You need to perform one accurate jump to kill a Koopa Troopa and make its shell slide. Jump right on time so Mario won't be hit by the raging shell. Once you are able to do that, all you have to do is to dodge the enemies falling on the other side.

Jump up for those coins as well. You surely want to add up to your score to improve your performance. All these Mario skills you've learned while playing Mario should be put into the test. The game are can be very limiting. You don't have all of the Mushroom Kingdom to romp about. Mario will play only on an extremely small space and you would have to make good on that.

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