Super Mario Play

Here is a game of survival. Mario has to stay clear of the hundreds of enemies that keep on falling down on him. There'll be so many Goombas, Troopas, and Spiny Eggs to handle. It's just too bad that Mario is not given any items in this game to help him to wipe them all out. Mario's task is to kill as many enemies as he possibly can and stay alive as long as possible.

That is such a huge task indeed, as Mario is clearly outnumbered by his enemies. As a matter of fact, there seems to be an endless supply of them. And to top it all, Mario has to catch coins too. While these coins can do so much for your score, their presence in the game only adds to all the confusion. You must catch the coins while dodging the enemies at the same time.

In the middle of the chaos, you will find it almost impossible to determine which is which! Control Mario by playing with the arrow keys. As expected, you'll have the Right and Left Keys to work with in this game. To make Mario jump, you press the Shift Key. To run faster, the Space Bar is pressed. Be sure to memorize all these keys by heart.

Mastery of the controls can redeem you in this online game. To play and score as high as possible is the ultimate goal in Super Mario Play game. Enemies can be killed by stomping on them or by using the shell of the Troopa to wipe them away. A specific number of points will be added to your score every time you eliminate an enemy.

On the other hand, every golden coin you catch is worth 200 points. Get as many of them as you possibly can in order to get a very high score. Always be on the lookout for the tunnel that would emit lots of coins. It is set to appear at several intervals during the game. Standing right at the mouth of the tunnel gets you the most points.

The toughest enemies in this free game of Mario are the Spiny Eggs. You can't stomp on these creatures at all so you have to dodge 'em all the time. Use a Troopa's shell to slide them away. Mario is given only three lives to play in this game. Use them wisely so you can pile up on those points before expiring away.

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