Super Mario Motocross Game

The super hero knows his skills, now he plays as a motocross racing expert. But he needs your help with his sleek bike. You play by guiding him as he rides his brawny motorcycle across the game levels and to the finish line without crashing or losing control. There are going to be extra points for exhibitions as well. You've got to realize that the race tracks aren't a continuing set of land.

There are cliffs to add more to the excitement. And just like what he does when he encounter cliffs, you must play the game by jumping over them to clear them. The difference in this game of Super Mario is that there's no jump button to push. You have to rely on the bike's momentum to take it over the cliff and into the waiting platform.

If you're playing this entertaining game of Mario with another person and scoring is important, try to perform a back flip or a front flip as these will give you bonus points. You can do this by guiding your bike across the slopes with timed accuracy. This is gonna be a fun game indeed as it allows you to play Super Mario like a racing hero.

The scoring of this Mario game is somehow unique. Points are added to your score as you play and go along the path. However, every second that you spend on the race track is deducted from your overall score. Gather the coins scattered all around the game screen. You don't have to jump to collect them but you need them to clear the stage anyway.

Each coin is worth a thousand points. They'll be included in your score as well. If you are playing Super Mario riding too fast, his bike would crash and disintegrate. When that happens, you're obligated to start and play the game level all over again. But if you ride too slowly, you might not get anywhere you'll even find it hard to make those necessary jumps or get stuck.

This time, you should play Mario being careful because there's a great need to be accurate when you try to pass the levels. Here are the controls to enjoy Super Mario Motocross game online: Up Arrow To move the motorcycle forward, Down Key To move the motorcycle backward.

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