Super Mario Kuribo Shoe

If you're a Kuribo Shoe fan and you're raring to play a new Mario game who reintroduces it, today can be your lucky day. Mario's green Kuribo Shoe is taken out of the closet and he's using it to ride out in the sun. Play this free online game and make sure that you gather up all those mushrooms while dodging all those enemies that would come your way.

In this game, Mario had traded good old Yoshi for that special shoe so you've got to make sure that it works all the time. This game is composed of different levels and part of your job is to make sure that you ace all of 'em. The first stage is rather easy. It simply makes you familiar with how the shoe is used. Expect the next few ones to be a lot tougher.

You have to master the controls in order to do well with them. Control Mario nestled inside the shoe by playing with the Mouse. Point and click where on the game board you would like to Mario to go. Mario can jump up and down with the Kuribo Shoe if you press the Space Bar frequently enough. Pressing Space also makes Mario jump higher.

There will be lots of mushrooms to collect in Super Mario Kuribo Shoe. Play and catch all of them. Clear all the mushrooms in each level without hurting your Kuribo Shoe and that level is cleared. Get ready for the next challenges, they are sure to be so much tougher than the previous one. It is very important that you plan your moves before doing anything.

Remember that you can't even touch an enemy. Doing so would cause the shoe to break. As a result, you would have to start that level over again. There certain techniques that you need to learn in order to make the full use of the Kuribo Shoe. To jump from one platform to another, for example, you've got to first add momentum on your lateral movement.

If in a regular Mario game you have to run faster, in a Kuribo Shoe you must jump higher. The higher your jump, the farther you'll go. Breeze through the different levels of this game. What's nice about it's that you count with unlimited lives to use. You can keep on restarting the last level you played until you get it perfectly right.

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