Super Mario Jump 2

Here is an exciting jumping game dedicated to all those Super Mario Brothers fans out there. This is the type of a game where there'll be no other way to go but up. The goal is to play reaching as high as Mario possibly can. The golden coins are there to help the superhero get the leverage that he needs so you can go higher and higher for achieving the best possible score.

Your total score corresponds to the number of coins that you've stepped upon. Note that coins can give Mario the spring that he needs to get to go higher. If he runs out of coins to step upon, he falls down. When that happens, the game will be over - and you have to play it again. Use the Arrow Keys to move Mario while on air. Press the Up Key to initiate Mario's first jump.

After that, simply use either the Left or the Right Arrow Key to take him where the coins are so he can continue with his lateral motion. At the end of each round, you are allowed to purchase some upgrades with the coins that you have collected. These upgrades can make your next performance a little better than before.

Although this online game seems to be easy and straightforward, a level of difficulty is added to the game with the Koopa Troopas scattered around. You need to stay clear of all of Koopa's minions. Otherwise, your jump would be halted. The upgrades available are the Big Jump for 200 coins, Yoshi Coin for 500, and Double Jump for 1,000. Bonuses are available for 1,500 coins and up.

Such goodies are the mushroom, magic star, fire flower, and very special wild card. You might keep on playing to collect the required number of coins needed to obtain the upgrade. There's no limit in the number of rounds that you can play. Your coins will tally up as you play along. That is how you could possibly get all the upgrades. Just be persistent enough.

Yoshi is one of the notable characters in the Super Mario Jump 2 game. Although his face just appears in the coin upgrade, Yoshi is one of Mario's best friends in the Mushroom Kingdom adventures. As a matter of fact, he's one of his best allies. Yoshi helps Mario in every quest. He also comes in different colors and variants but all of the has the same cute smile and warm heart.

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