Super Mario Invaders

Here, Mario's mission is to clear all your enemies overhead with his powerful hammer. Shoot the hammer over the enemies to wipe 'em all out. However, these enemies won't let go without a fight. They'll attack in hordes and all of them will be Mario. You're indeed outnumbered in this game so you've got to be very careful with your moves all the time. Control Mario by pressing the Arrow Keys.

Only the Left and Right Arrow Keys are used for the game. To make Mario release a shot or throw hammers at the enemies, press the Space Bar. There'll be more than 12 levels in this free online game. Its flow is relatively the same in every stage, but they are notably increasing in difficulty as you go along. Help Mario breeze through the different stages and come up victorious in his quest.

The attacks would come from above and below. Lasers would be shot from above courtesy of the Paragoombas. A huge cannon ball also appears from below to hit Mario. You've got to stay clear of them in order to continue your quest and clear all those enemies in all the rounds. In each round, the enemies will appear with the same strong force but with a different formation.

Other enemies can be encountered in the later levels. In the first 4, it'll be the Paragoombas and if you think that their army offers an easy defense, think again. You might have to waste a few lives taking every single one of 'em down. Mario's got 5 lives to use for the game and additional three hearts for each level. You are given the chance to continue a level if you still have hearts left.

If they ran out, you'd have to start and play that level over again. Extra life mushrooms will fall down if you can collect a hundred coins. There are castle stages in this Mario game too. Out there, you'll encounter a lone enemy. Although it appears to be a more manageable one-on-one battle for Mario, note that your enemy is one of the bosses. He is much fiercer, stronger, and faster.

You have to play shooting at him with the hammer several times to take him down. The Paragoombas are the Goombas who have grown wings. They fly over Mario's head and shoot him with a laser gun. After completing the first four levels of Super Mario Invaders game including the boss, the Paragoombas will be replaced by Paratroopas, the turtle-like enemies with wings.

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