Super Mario Helicopter

Running and jumping is the forte of all Mario game fanatics. But in this particular game called Super Mario Helicopter, a whole new set of skills are required of them. Players have to drive big chopper from one point to another over the Mushroom Kingdom. And that feat isn't going to be easy one. Mario can drive the helicopter with the use of the Arrow Keys.

Play with the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrows that are used as your main controls of the online game. Those are all you need to press. If the chopper get stuck anywhere and you can't move, Press R for reset. Keep on trying until you become fully familiar with the controls of the game. The rule of the game is rather simple you simply have to drive straight from point to point.

There will be coins to collect in the game. Grab them all for added bonus. There is an energy meter at the lower part of the screen. Always check that out so you may monitor the performance of the helicopter. There are seven levels in this game. If you're able to complete all of them, then you are the game's newest victor. Prepare to fail countless of times until you finally get the game right.

It is not easy to go forward in this game though. But with enough patience, you'll be able to conquer the entire Mushroom Kingdom with Mario's brand new helicopter. The main problem you'll encounter when playing this amazing game is controlling the chopper. You can not crash it, can't overturn it, can't lead it down the sea, and can't even loop around and around.

Remember that you have to move forward all the time. And don't bump into anything. The more accurate your flight path is, the farther into the stage you'll advance. Keep to the momentum of the flight. This free game of Mario is best played slow but sure. You are not in a race. You can arrive to the finish line much faster if your flight is straight and precise.

Of course the game won't be without hurdles this is still a Mario game after all. Every bump and fall causes the helicopter's energy to go down. Once the red bar runs out, the game is over. So always note of your energy level. It is the most crucial detail in this game. You shouldn't drive the chopper without it. It's the fuel that makes the chopper fly.

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