Super Mario Fruits

Here's a game of combinations and skills. Your goal is to get all the goodies inside the bubbles. This one is a Mario-Luigi tandem game that makes the whole experience twice as fun. Mario is tasked to aim at the shots while Luigi hands over the stars to Mario. There are lots of goodies floating above Mario and Luigi's heads and what you need to do is to pop all those bubbles using stars.

This game is fairly straight forward although you can expect lots of added hurdles along with the bonuses as you go along. There'll be a limited number of stars provided for each level. You have to burst all bubbles before the stars run out. It is when Mario has to use his sharp shooting skills. If he can't clean the round, the game will be over - and Luigi that will make Luigi angry.

Your score shows up at the lower part of the screen. But that's not going to be the official one. Bonus points will be given after clearing a level. There are points for the stars that you haven't use. The mouse is your main control for playing the game. This is one point-and-shoot game. Position the arrow towards your target. Hold the Left Mouse Button to accumulate power.

When you release the button, the star shoots out. Get sure that you release the button only when your desired shot power is achieved. Here is a multiple level online game and you've got to ace through all of them in order to win. The key is to play and hit as many bubbles as possible with a single star. Luigi loves combinations and acknowledges all good shots.

He doesn't like misses though so be sure that you're able to minimize your wrong moves here. Unquestionably, Mario is the most celebrated character of the whole Super Mario game series. But there's another character that looks just like him his brother Luigi. This time, in Super Mario Fruits game, the only difference might be the color. Luigi's costume is green while Mario's is red.

Luigi is that tall and lanky guy, who is an exact opposite of his famous brother, with him being short and stout. Like Mario, Luigi is also a plumber and wears the same overalls. They have identical skills and appear head-to-head in almost all games of Super Mario. When our superhero needs a second player, it'll almost always be Luigi at his side.

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