Super Mario Coins

To click all the coins that you can see in the game that is practically all that you need to do in this game. That sounds fairly simple, right? Well, it actually is. More often than not, the coins can easily be seen in and around the game screen. But sometimes, they're hidden. But if you're really a Mario fan, nothing can be hidden away from you at all.

The first few stages are indeed easy to play as all those coins are plain to see. You simply have to use the mouse to click on them. The coins may also be behind the question mark blocks. So once you see those blocks, click on them too. They add up to the count. The hidden coins, on the other hand, are scattered in the background.

Just open your eyes wide and you'll find all of them there. The challenge in this game relates to the time. Keep in mind that you are under intense time scrutiny here. While the first few levels could be completed in less than a minute, precious seconds will be deducted to the total allotted time as you go along. So you got to work faster as you finish level after level.

If you failed to click all the coins, the game would be over. The game doesn't even have a lot of characters. The Super Mario Coins is fairly nice, straightforward and uncomplicated for playing, even kids can go along with it really well. It is going to be a nice and sunny day over at the Mushroom Kingdom. The sun shines brightly, making the coins glisten in the light.

The game is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy a stress-free game of Mario. Just use your mouse and click away. That's how easy you can play this free game. However, nothing about it's as easy as you assume it'll be. The total number of coins that you have to find will flash at the start of every stage. But you can check that out later.

What is more important is for you to click on the coins. Remember that this is a timed game. You must be concerned about finding all these coins instead of counting them. There are Goombas and Mario is on the lower part of the screen. But they are more of design than anything. They're there to complete the player's Mario game experience.

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