Super Mario Challenge

Here is an entertaining game that opts to give you a different kind of thrill the one that would take your Mario gaming skills to a higher level. It would require a lot of thinking for you. You don't have to mind the enemies. What you should consider instead is how you'll be able to collect all the coins required in every level. This game offers a three dimensional fun to all Mario game fans.

The Goombas are not flat-faced monsters. They have their full head and legs to boast about. There are just a few Goombas in the levels though and they are the least of your concerns. As a matter of fact, they are all very easy to kill. There are different instances wherein you need to play using your logic skills to solve the puzzles involved in each stage.

Just fix your sights to your goal. Remember that when you play the amazing Super Mario Challenge game you need to collect all the golden coins required of you. And that is not going to be an easy one. The coins will be placed in hard to reach places. In all times that you can't possibly jump to the platform, you have to use the items that you see around to help you.

Aside from the usual running and jumping that your character can do, you need to teach Mario one more rare skill to lift and hold objects. This can be done by pressing the Letter D on the keyboard. To make Mario run forward or backwards, play by pressing the directional Arrow Keys. Mario will jump when the Space Bar is pressed.

There are instructions on the screen to guide you throughout this online game of Mario. Only when you get the last coin would the exit point of the levels will show up. So always check out the number of coins you possess so far. You can't miss even a single one. This is not a timed game so you're free to play taking everything slow and sure.

Mario has three lives at the start of the game. If you lose a life at any point of any stage, you simply have to continue where you left off. The graphics of this game is superb. The Goombas aren't as persistent as how you know them so they shouldn't bring you lots of problems. You have to give more time in your jumps instead as the cliffs in this game is a little higher than normal.

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