Super Mario Castle 2

Get a dose of real fun while releasing a jolt of adrenalin as you play this game. In Super Mario Castle 2, you have to work your way up the Mushroom Kingdom. You read it right, you have to go up only lateral movements are allowed in this game. Jump as high as you can in order to reach the topmost platform where you'll be safer.

Enemies are not likely to reach you there as much as they can target you down below. Be careful not to plunge down into the deep waters as you play the game. If you do, the game will be over. Again, there is no other way in this game but up. You need to keep on jumping until you reach Princess Peach's castle and save her from being a captive of King Koopa.

However, doing that is going to be a real task. The enemies in this game are definitely a lot. From the Paratroopas to Lakitus and their spiny eggs, you surely have a horde of them to watch out for. You only have five lives to use in the game. And the only item that can help you is the fireball flower.

So grab it when you see is. Being able to shoot down enemies definitely has its advantages. To control Mario, use the arrow keys. The Left and Right Arrows are employed in taking him to the desired position. To make Mario jump, press Z. To make him run faster, use the letter X.

The X key is also used to release fireballs, if and when Mario has successfully picked up a fireball flower, that is. This game is a fast-paced, frenzy-filled one. Mario can't stop at one corner doing nothing. This game is so full of action that Mario always has to be on his toes jumping towards the next available platform.

Furthermore, the enemies in this game can be really tough. As a matter of fact, even King Koopa himself appears from time to time just to keep Mario on his tracks. But don't be astounded by the full enemy force in this game. Although Mario is all by himself, he is given five lives to work with. The game continues until all those 5 lives are all used up.

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