Super Mario Bombastic

King Bowser has sent a horde of his minions to cause chaos in the entire Mushroom Kingdom. Since Mario is the adapted hero of their land, his task is to wipe them all out. Lots of Goombas are free milling about and Mario has no choice but to take on every single one of them. Armed with a gun, Mario has to play positioned himself in only one spot in each level.

What he's about to do is to use his cannon to shoot at all of them. With the mouse, point the cannon to the spot where you want to shoot. The power of your shots is indicated by the red bar coming out of the cannon's mouth. The full power will take your bullets flying in the air really high. Estimate the amount of power you need for your different shots.

Consider the trajectory with which the bullet will travel. The bullet has to land right on top of the Goomba's head to eliminate them. Don't waste your bullets because you are only allotted a specified number of them per game level. However, you can add three more bullets to your magazine if you are able to hit the question mark blocks in this game of the Super Mario Bros.

There are multiple levels to play and complete here. You only get to complete a stage if you were able to defeat all those enemies present. If you ran out of bullets and there are still a lot of enemies there, you'll fail the game entirely. You would have to restart the stage again. Aside from Mario, just Goombas and King Bowser are seen in the game.

King Bowser is the same as King Koopa, not to confuse all the Mario fans. This evil king could be the main antagonist of Mario. He's the reason why the mushroom kingdom is chaotic. He's behind the abduction of the Princess and the main reason why Mario has to go up against all the Goombas, Paratroopas, Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, Spinies, and the rest of his malicious minions.

But although strong and powerful, Mario proves to be better than King Koopa in many ways. This is because Mario has got the most important aide to help him in all of his quests you. Here in Super Mario Bombastic, the brave Mario is counting on you again. Play it helping him finish off all these Goombas and restore peace in the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

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