Super Mario ATV Game

Mario ATV poses a big challenge to all Mario fans. It's great to discover that there is a different side to this plumber than just being the expert in jumping and running around the Mushroom Kingdom. In this game, he is all set to be the star of the road. He'll take on an ATV or an all-terrain vehicle and drive it all the way to the finish line. Mario has to do it in the most precise way that he can.

Otherwise, he won't be able to drive that monster of a vehicle without overturning or crashing. Mario and his ATV can be controlled with the use of the Arrow Keys. Use the Up and Down Arrow Keys to move the vehicle either forward or backward. The Left and Right Arrow Keys are referred to as the balancing keys. The Right Arrow Key is for the front wheels.

If the vehicle is about to overturn or isn't getting enough power on its drive, press and hold the Left Key to balance the car on the hind wheels. If you get stuck in a level, simply press R and the game will restart. You can then try it again. Mario ATV is composed of 8 challenging levels. To be hailed as the game's newest victor, you must be able to race through these eight levels.

There are two other vehicles available to play with - other than the standard one that Mario himselof drives at the start of the Super Mario ATV game. You'll be able to open up these ATV's once you have reached the required number of stars. These stars may be collected at every level. You simply have to drive through them and you would capable to put them in your pocket.

Unlike other driving games, you don't have to play being worried about the stars getting thrown out of the car. Once you've picked them up, they're yours. Collect enough stars and a cool car will be opened up for you. This is not a timed online game so take your time as you drive. Remember that it is better to drive safely and defensively rather than rush to the game's finish line.

Remember that you only have one life to live in this game and one ATV to drive as well. If you failed to do well on the initial round, you'd have to keep on trying until you clear the level. Don't worry about driving though because this Mario free game is relatively easy to play. You can ace it in no time. All you need is a little practice. In no time, you'll be all set in conquering the world of ATV's.

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