Super Mario Adventure Game

If you miss playing Mario and his good old games, this flash game entitled Super Mario Adventure game may just be the one you're looking for. This game is perfect for the Mario lover in you here, you'll be playing Super Mario with a superb graphic presentation that would give you not just a good feel of playing a classic game but a whole new gaming experience as well.

It is a land-based game so you can expect to play this one with many obstacles integrated in the adventures. There will be cliffs, plains, plateaus, and hills that you need to conquer to finish the levels. You'll also encounter an array of coins that you have to collect. A game of Mario is never the same without these coins, they add appeal to the game.

Play it in the way that you always knew how. In this game, the keyboard is used dynamically to control your character. At the start of the exciting game you posses five lives. Play using them sparingly in order to finish every level. The screen shows the number of the eliminated enemies so far, as well as the collected coins.

The game has no point or scoring system here and no time limit either. You are free to take your time on every obstacle so that you may clear it with flying colors. The end of a round of the game is signaled by a coin that's placed inside a blue bubble. When you see it at any point in your adventure, jump high to grab it. That will take you to the next stage of this Mario game.

The screen and the background would change and a new challenge arises. You would have a fresh start on your new adventure. This is a rather straightforward game to play, and follows the usual platform of most games of this kind. However, in this version, jumping over the single blocks could get tricky.

In Super Mario Adventure game, you must play being accurate with your jumps as you might fall all the way down, causing you to lose a life and start that stage all over again. Play Super Mario with the following game controls: Left Key Moves him to the Left. Right Key Moves Mario to the Right. Up Arrow makes him Jump.

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Super Mario Adventure Game