Save Mario Game

This is a daunting game wherein you have to find the solution to the puzzle every stage offers in as little time as possible. Mario stands at the middle of a wall that would close anytime. If he wasn't able to find the crevice that could house him safely, he'll be crushed. Help him pass through all the stages of the game safe and sound. This game is like finding a hole in the wall.

Mario has to spot that hole or flaw in the wall structure so that when it closes down on him, he won't be crushed. Players are only given a few seconds to inspect the walls. And within those second, you have to make Mario run towards the part that you think is the hole that will keep him safe. The game continues for as long as Mario finds the best place to nestle at when the wall closes.

Mario is given only three lives to play with and he has to go as far into the game as possible with it. Every level successfully cleared is worth a hundred points. The more stages you clear, the higher your score would be. In the first areas, there'll be three holes in the wall in which Mario can hide into.

In the succeeding levels though, it'll be cut down into two. Then there'll be just one option. The holes in the big gray wall are made smaller to make the game more difficult. As you can see, the levels do get tough as you go farther along. To move Mario, use the Arrow Keys. The Right and Left Keys are used to take Mario anywhere on the game screen.

To make him jump, play pressing the Up Arrow. Take Mario straight into the gapes or the holes where you want him to hide. Remember that you just have a few seconds to clear each round. If you are not able to run to the right spot, Mario will be crushed and he pays one life for it. Consume all 3 lives and the game is over.

In the very entertaining Save Mario game, it is possible to play and then submit your highest scores to the server which houses the game after each round for all the rest to see. Keep on aiming for that high score and beat all the other players around the world. This can be a very funny yet exciting online game of the Mario Bros. Take the time to enjoy it today.

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