New Mario Flash Game

Are you ready for more Mario adventure? You should be because as long as Mario is over at the Mushroom Kingdom, he won't be able to sit back and relax. King Koopa is always scheming how to kidnap the Princess and then take over the Mushroom Kingdom. The kingdom can thank Mario later for his efforts. But for now, he has to follow Koopa and save Princess Toadstool.

Of course, that is never an easy task to do. If you've played tons of Mario games before, you sure know why it has always been an addicting pass time. Play this version and you'll say it is equally fun and challenging. Mario can be controlled with the use of the Arrow Keys. Left and Right take him where you want him to. For jumping, the Up Arrow is used. To go down pipes, press Down.

Each level is allotted a maximum of 300 seconds. Check the time at the upper right corner of the screen. You must reach the finish line before all the seconds run out. Try to grab every coin you see. A hundred coins mean an extra life. Mario's points are shown on the upper left corner. If you're playing against another player, compare scores to determine who the winner is.

After playing the New Mario Flash game for some time, you will note that the peskiest enemies to fight in this free game are the Paratroopas. These opponents are those turtle-like creatures that have somehow managed to grow a pair of wings. And they go up and down the game screen too, making it a little harder to shoot at them with a fireball.

If you want to stomp at them, you need to perform so with perfect timing. You have to jump over these enemies twice in a row in order to fully eliminate them. Watch out for their shells though. Like the more common Koopa Troopas, the evil Paratroopas have the same annoying shells that slide back and forth so fast. Touch it and you'll surely lose a life.

And if you fail to slide their shells, their heads will go back out and become one of the Koopa Troopas. The best thing to do with these enemies when play is to simply dodge 'em. You can also take their wings off to decrease their mobility. Fireballs are the best things to use against the paratroopas but if you don't have one yet, try with Mario's stomping talents instead.

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