New Mario Bros 2

Get ready for playing a grand adventure with Mario at the Mushroom Kingdom. The Kingdom's favorite plumber is their ultimate hero too. Mario is out for a bigger task this time around. For once, the number of his opponents was increased dramatically in this free game of Mario. Generally speaking, the difficulty playing level of the New Mario Bros 2 online would be medium.

The best way to win the game is to get some plant fireballs and shoot at all your enemies. With the fireballs working for you, you'll find it easier. Move Mario by pressing the arrow keys. Use Up for jumping and Down for going down the pipes. There'll be an arrow over the pipe to show him that he has to crouch down. Use the Left and Right Arrows to move Mario back and forth.

Mario has three lives to play in this game. Good news, there are 1up mushrooms here. Find them and you would be able to gain an extra life. Additionally, you can also collect a total of 100 golden coins to be merited an extra life. Be sure to pile up not just your points but also additional lives because this game can really be long. You have to complete the last area to win the game.

Aside from the Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Paratroopas, the fiercest enemies in the game are the Piranha Plants. These plants tend to grow from under the tunnels. If Mario accidentally touches or jumps over them, he loses a life. The only way to eliminate a Piranha Plant is to shoot at it. So unless Mario has got some fireballs, don't attempt to come near the deadly shrubs.

In many instances throughout the game, the plant grows from the blocks. So be specially careful when moving Mario around. These plants can be very treacherous and deceiving. He has to finish all the worlds in the game to win. Points are credited for every enemy killed. Your goal is to reach the flag before your time runs out. You only have 300 seconds to pass each level.

Hit the flag at the end of every round and you will be given additional 500 points. If you choose to continue playing the game, you'll have to start on the last stage completed. Most of the time, you're better off dodging the enemies than stomping them, especially when it comes to the Troopas. These turtles have sliding shells that can come right back at you when you least expect it.

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