Mario Yoshi Adventure

It is time for you to play and enjoy an entirely new journey of friendship and adventure. Join Mario and Yoshi as they try to explore the Mushroom Kingdom again and discover more about both of them. The Mario Yoshi Adventure game takes you into the forest and trees of the Princess Toadstool's kingdom. Once again, she's held captive by the evil King Koopa.

Take on one adventure one at a time as you try to save the princess. You are going to need all the courage and the determination that you can get to get to the princess and take her to safety. There'll be hints that you can easily use along the way. Read all of them if this is the first time you're playing this game. The hints are characterized by the blue question marks printed on fine wood.

Confidently tread through the forest with Mario and Yoshi supporting each other. This adventure game is extra special because the two main characters have found each other a capable ally.To move Yoshi and Mario around, play with the Arrow Keys. The Left and Right Keys are predominantly used in this game. The Up Arrow Key, on the other hand, is used for jumping.

During the instances wherein you need to move only Mario, make him jump off Yoshi's back by pressing the Space Bar. Use the Tab Key if you want to switch between characters. Like most Mario games, there are checkpoints situated all around. They are characterized by those yellow stars. These are the points where you start over in case you lose a life when playing the game.

There are many instances where logic is required to pass a certain stage in the game. There won't be a lot of enemies in this online one, very unlike the traditional Super Mario games. But there'll be still a hundred coins to collect. Try to focus how to possibly go through each stage without losing the three lives you and Yoshi have to start with.

The first level of this free game is already a handful. You'll definitely have a great time learning about the game and saving the princess in the process. Just be sure that you go through every little thing instructed to you. That's the only way you're capable to open the door to free the princess and allow Mario and Yoshi the pleasure of victory.

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