Mario Star Catcher Game

Play an adventure based on the classic Mario 2 arcade game. Help the Italian plumber in the entertaining Mario Star Catcher game, reach the stars instead of the flags in a lot of levels. As usually, your mission in the game is to play jumping and collecting all the possible coins and catch the more stars you can.

If you gain coins, you'll live full of adrenaline events, for extra adventure! In this game of Mario, there are no enemies and that indeed is a welcome change. This amazing game is all about strategy. You don't have to play worrying about toad, turtles and monkeys at all because you won't find them here.

What you really should put your sight on is the star in every level of the game that's your goal and you have to get to it at all costs. The path to the star is not guaranteed to be an easy one. You need to play the game with a strategy on your way to your goal. If you can't accomplish that, you wouldn't be able to pass to the next level.

You would have to hop over cliffs, go under tunnels, stand on moving platforms, and time your jumps to go near that elusive star. If you are able to do that, then it would be the perfect game of Mario for you. Play watching out for blocks that contain coins, as well as the event blocks that trigger certain instances when activated. Hints are all over the place to help you if you get stuck.

Extra life mushrooms are available as well. Here you'll play Super Mario in a higher level. This game merits you to do so. Play this one with the Left or Right Arrow Keys to Move him and use the Space Bar to Jump. Always take care about pitfalls, they are serious enemies anywhere. Press "P" switches to make surprising things happen.

Playing Super Mario paying special attention to the extra lives is the key for being able to enjoy this game for hours if you wish. Play Mario Star Catcher game, collecting Green Mushrooms for achieving additional lives. Don't forget to search across the blocks to find some useful hints. Press any block marked with "?", they often store coins.

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