Mario Stacker Game

Start a fun stacking game and see how good a builder you can be. This is a multiple level online game wherein you have only one goal across all stages to play building a very strong tower that won't easily fall down. While it may seem to be an easy feat, see what kind of shapes you are supposed to work with and you'll say it's impossible.

How can you build a tower with circles and triangles anyway? Well, that's just one of the challenges that you would need to find a solution to in this free game of Mario. There'll be different shapes provided in every round. And you've got to work with these particular shapes no other way around it. You can't rotate the figures. Use them as they were given to you.

You also have to stack 'em on top of the figures already in place in every stage. To stack up the shapes together, simply play using the Mouse. Click on where the screen you want the figure should go. Always remember though, that your ultimate goal is to put all of them on top of each other. The size of the shapes will be shown to you for quick reference.

That way, you're gonna be able to gauge where in the structure you're building they would be ideal at. Sometimes, you would have to put two items together at once. To achieve this, simply do a double click. The order of the shapes that you need to put in play cannot be changed. How you see them at the top of the game screen is the exact order of putting them together.

The problem with these shapes is when you can't seem to create balance with all of them in play. Remember, your structure should be steady. There'll be one timer to account for that. If none of the shapes are moving after you add in the last item, the round is immediately cleared.

However, if there is even a slight suggestion that your tower isn't as steady as it should be, pray that the whole thing won't collapse up until you complete one full revolution of the timer. Mario Stacker game may be a very exciting and challenging game at the same time. Play it today and find out how you can beat the odds and build the strongest structure for your own sake.

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