Mario Overrun Game

In this crazy game of Mario you protect your castle (that then may be repaired) from the classic enemies. Play Mario Overrun game destroying monsters and getting money to buy weapons, ammo, turrets, stronger plasma rifles and other gadgets for shooting at enemies. Rescue the Princess from The Browser - he sent his troops for kidnapping her!

To purchase a bigger weapon, you need to save up the cash at the end of each round of the game. The usual role of the super hero has changed. At the moment, you must play defending the castle instead of penetrating Koopa's. After his stay in the Mushroom land, he was able to help his Princess successfully and rescue her. However, things are not that easy to die down.

The evil King Koopa would not have any of his defeat. In this game of Mario he would have to take his revenge on the Princess and destroy her castle in doing that. Now he should have to help the good Princess once more. While you're playing Super Mario, you have to defend the castle from the evil king's minions. The plumber has a little aid from Luigi and all his faithful friends.

For playing the game, the super hero also has got a good supply of guns and ammunitions to go along with his tower defense project. The enemies aren't here to jump upon they'll have to be shot. Play the game using your sharp shooting skills to make sure that King Koopa is stopped....there is no time to lose here.

The King almost has an unending supply of subordinates that he is at the mercy of accuracy. Play Super Mario online by shooting as precisely as you can to gain coins that you may utilize to purchase bullets, guns and a whole infantry to oust the King. How to play Mario Overrun game: For switching between fire Weapons use letter 'A': switch to next one or 'Q': switch to the previous.

NUMBERS 1 through 5 are employed for choosing between the game weapons. Pick items with 'S': select the next Item and 'W': pick your previous Item. Utilize the chosen one by pressing Space. Point to the selected target with the Mouse and open fire with Left button. There's an ammo indicator in the upper left of screen. 'P' Key serves to Pause the game.

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