Mario Jeux Game

Mario is out for a whole new adventure over at the Mushroom Kingdom's vast and treacherous dessert. Mario may be small but he's got the biggest heart for the Princess and the entire kingdom. Since King Koopa has abducted Peach again, The brave Super Mario is hot on his trail. He is out to save the Princess and you are assigned to play it and help him.

Move Mario in this game with the use of the directional keys. The Right Arrow Key moves Mario forward while the Left Arrow takes him backward. To jump, press the Up Key. The Down Arrow Keys is used for going down the pipes. To release fireballs, play using the Space Bar. However, Mario has to gobble up a fireball flower first to activate that power.

Mario has only got three lives to spare in this game. But there are a lot of coins to collect in every level. Pile up a hundred coins and you'll be merited an extra life. That should make up for the lack of 1up mushrooms. Remember that this is a multiple level game and you need to space your available lives properly. However, you're always given the chance to continue where you left off.

Note too that this is one timed game. You have to reach the finish line in 300 seconds or less. Mario has to be very competitive for playing this one because there will be more than enough enemies to handle. Even the Goombas can really be a pain. Mario's main strength in this game is the fireball. You have to make sure that he is fully equipped with one as you go further.

Find the elusive fireball plants hiding behind Mario's World question mark blocks. Once you obtain fireballs, be sure to take care of your life because it's the last one you've got. The enemies in the amazing Mario Jeux game are simply so many to handle. Evil Goombas and Koopa Troopas are everywhere. And not long after, Paratroopas and Spinies will join in the ruckus.

But the most notable enemies in this free game of Super Mario are the Hammer Brothers. And they come in different types too. Some are throwing hammers while others have fireballs. All of them are as dangerous as you know them to be. While Mario can stomp at the Hammer Brothers, the best way to eliminate them from the game is to shoot at them.

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