Mario DS Game

This entertaining one can easily be one of Mario game fanatic's all-time favorites. Play this online Mario game once and you'll feel the difference. The Mario DS is programmed in such a way it allows you to play Super Mario just like you're used to. Unlike most Mario games online, this one is created to perfection. Mario is very easy to control and the graphics are superb.

You would find it easy to make Mario do all the moves that you want so you come up victorious in this game. Play it by taking down all the bad guys, collect the goodies, and race to the finish line in one impressive motion. The Mario DS game is a multiple level one. There are lots of worlds and adversaries to conquer here. You'll be given 3 lives to start with.

There won't be a lot of extra life mushrooms in the game but there are more than enough coins to cover the life bonuses that you need. Collect 100 coins and you'll have an extra life to continue your journey. Complete all of Mario's adventures by pressing the Arrow Keys. The directional arrow keys take Mario where you want him to go. Also, you can make Mario jump by pressing Z.

Once he's got the fireball flower, he can shoot at enemies by pressing X. But, don't expect the growth mushroom and the fireball flower to come out until World 2-1. There'll be a horde of King Koopa's minions and you must encounter them one by one. First, there'll be Goombas and Koopa Troopas to march against you. Then, Spinies, Piranha Plants, and Paratroopas will join the mix.

More will come as you go into the higher worlds. You have to play being so brave through all these opponents in order to save the Princess. Mario will be able to stomp at almost all types of enemies except from the Spinies. Spinies are shelled enemies with spikes on top. If Mario jumps over them, he'll lose a life. Be very careful with Mario's three lives.

He's got a lot of running and traveling to do to waste one on a Spiny. The Piranha Plants are worth watching out for as well. Like the Spinies, Mario can't stomp at these rivals. They come up the pipes and tunnels at the most unexpected time. When you see green pipes in the path, wait a few seconds before jumping over it to be sure that there's not a Piranha Plant lurking underneath.

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