Mario Blocks Game

If you want to give your brain 12 doses of mind boggling action, play this game. The very entertaining Mario Blocks game is a rather cool logical game that makes you think twice and try several times to make your plan work. The goal of the game is fairly straightforward. You simply have to eliminate the blocks, pipes, and tubes placed under Mario.

However, doing that can be quite a difficult feat. For one, you've got to play and make sure that Super Mario stays upright as he works his way down. He has to be at the last platform. He can lie sideways, stand right up, or head-over-heels if you may. But he can never fall down the abyss or you'll have to repeat the stage over again.

There are only two items that you have to be wary of in this game the yellow and green tunnels. The yellow tunnels can make Mario go tumbling down. The green ones, on the other hand, shoots right up when something falls into it. As a piece of advice, it should be better if you plan out everything first before making any move. The game is played with the use of the Mouse.

Simply click on any item that you want to be removed from the game screen. Note that the layout of every stage is different. You need to find the best way out of the situation without consuming too many of your allotted lives. Only after acing the first level you may open up the next and play it. Work your way through the game's twelve levels and try to ace it.

Actually, this free game is not so hard to finish and win. After all, each area is considered complete once you have successfully placed Mario on the last platform. If you are just starting out on this game, you can forget about the coin first. You might skip getting it for now. Complete all 12 levels simply by taking Mario to where he is supposed to be.

You can handle the issue of the coin in the next round. Treat it as the expert's round. However, the twelfth stage of this online game of the Super Mario Bros. is going to be the toughest one for you. So don't think that you can breeze through all the areas in just one sitting. Also, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to grab the coin as you clear each round.

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