Mario ATV Trip Game

This is a motocross game with a twist. With Super Mario's nice and shiny bike, you'll play Mario ATV Trip game by trekking the hills and slopes without crashing or turning over. That may seem to be easy but until you really play the game you'll say that there's nothing simple about it at all. For once, you will be playing Super Mario online being able to forget all about enemies and arch rivals.

You might not even know who he is and still be good with this amazing free game. It's time to play with the Italian plumber in a racing game like you never had before. With the right skills, you should be able to drive and finish it with flying colors. The goal would be to get to the finish line in one piece. The trick of this Super Mario game is to always proceed with extreme carefulness.

Although speed has its added points, riding too fast won't guarantee that you're gonna reach the ending line in time. If you value speed over caution, you won't even get halfway there. The trick is to go slow when going down the slopes and be sure that you calculate your velocity as you go up. You don't want to ride too sluggishly or excessively quickly as you could lose your balance.

Play the fantastic online game by trying to be an accurate driver. As you move up and down all those slopes, you will find several stars to collect along the way. One star is worth 100 points. If you're playing with another person, you can compare the score that both of you have accumulated to declare the winner. It would be useful if none of you had reached the end of the levels.

There are a total of 10 levels to play this sports game of Mario. You gain entry to the next area once you complete the required number of stars and drive towards the checkered flag. However, if you do crash along the way, you have to play that level all over again. This free game does take time and patience to complete. A good sense of balance is going to help you a lot.

Here you need to play Super Mario following the contours of these slopes as smoothly and carefully as possible. Play the exciting Super Mario ATV Trip game that also has steep parts, watch out for them. The Controls for playing this entertaining game for motorcycle enthusiasts are only two: Use the Up Arrow to move the bike forward, Down Arrow For moving the bike backwards.

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