Mario Assault Game

As its name indicates, Mario Assault, is a soldier-inspired free game although it doesn't fall short of all the Mario necessities. It is still a kid-friendly game although Mario will do more running and shooting guns out here instead the usual dodging and stomping at enemies. Play trying your skills in this new Super Mario game and see if it feels just right for you.

Although it's classified as a shooting game, Mario can still clomp at all those Goombas with his able feet. He must, however, target the jellyfish with his gun in a very accurate manner as it's the only thing that can eliminate them. Mario runs automatically in this game. Your only major concern when playing it is to make him jump at the right time and shoot at his targets with full precision.

Mario is given life supports in this game and those are one of the many things you can look forward to, especially in a time of all-out war like in this one. The falling red hearts can help so much in extending Mario's life. Note that he is given only five lives to begin with. Catch a heart and all the lives he has lost will be refreshed. Hearts appear regularly during the game.

Always be on the lookout for them and catch them if you want to extend your game. If you miss one heart, low are the chances that you'll go any farther. The stars are used as the game's main scoring system. As Mario tries to kill the enemies and dodging their bullets, he also has to jump up and down to gather every stars that he sees.

This is done in order to acquire a decent score. Scores can be submitted to the server after every game. If you think you have hit a really high score that other players will find hard to beat, don't think twice about sending it in. Play the amazing Mario Assault game wherein you control Mario and his gun by using the Space Bar and the Mouse, respectively.

Since Mario is programmed to run automatically to the right direction, there is no need for the Arrow Keys. Instead, press Space at the exact time so Mario can get at all those stars and dodge deadly bullets in the process. As for his gun, you can aim and shoot with the use of the Mouse. Release a shot by playing with the Left Mouse Button.

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