Baby Mario Game

For an added twist to your playing Mario games online, you won't see an adult Mario in this particular one. The main character is just a baby and as helpless as he is, you need to take him to safety fast and easy. Waste no moment guiding Baby Mario away from King Koopa's minions and into the safe castle of the Princess. Mario's counting on you to do that.

Baby Mario game is not very different to play from the usual Super Mario games that you know. You've got to control Baby Mario as he jumps and runs through the game course in a bid to put himself to back to where he rightfully belongs. There'll be lots of coins to collect along the way. Be sure to get as many of them as you possibly can for added bonus.

This is a multiple level game to be played online and Mario is controlled with the use of the Arrow Keys. All four arrow keys are used although the Left and Right Keys are the ones mostly pressed. They'll take Baby Mario to the direction where you want him to be. If you want Mario to jump, press S. To make him run really fast, play holding down letter A.

This game is composed of seven exciting levels and the good news is that none of them are timed. You are practically free to jump and run around at your own leisure. Here, you don't have seconds ticking to think about. Do take your sweet time and play as carefully as you can. There will be as many enemies in this game as there are coins.

Watch out for them with a wary eye. You can stomp at the enemies all you wish but dodging them is the better option. After all, there'll be no points given away for every enemy eliminated. As a mode of scoring, the coins you collected are counted. Work your way on grabbing as many coins as you can while staying away from all the enemies as much as possible.

The great thing about this free game of Mario is that it seems to give Baby Mario unlimited lives to play. At any point you fail, simply start that level again until you successfully clear it. The coins you collect will be counted accordingly. The total number of coins you have will correspond to the score you make in this game.

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