Angry Mario Game

The birds are no longer angry but Mario still is. Patterned from the famous Angry Birds, the super entertaining Angry Mario game is ready to thrill you in the exact same way. Mario is tasked to fly the trajectory right to where the Goombas are at. There won't be birds, pigs, or slingshots in this game. All of them will be replaced by Mario, the Goombas, and one huge cannon.

There are added perks too coins and extra life mushrooms. Direct Mario's flight towards those goodies to get the benefits. Your goal is to play eliminating all those Goombas in each level. You only have three chances to clear each of the stages - unless of course, you were able to pick up the extra life mushroom. To make Mario fly via the cannon, hold down the Left Mouse Button.

You'll then see the red bar filling up at the lower part of the screen. Go for full power so Mario can fly real high and hit his targets. Every golden coin you collect and every Goomba you eliminate is worth a certain number of points. Your points would be tallied up and are shown at the end of each level. The more golden coins you collect, the higher your score will be.

Note that you won't be able to proceed to the next stage if you failed to eliminate all the evil Goombas. However, you are always given the chance to try again. Keep on trying until you're able to finish each single level of this Super Mario game. The brave plumber is one of the most well-love characters in the video game world. And the Goombas are his most famous enemies too.

They rank next to King Bowser himself. The Goombas are those little creatures present in almost all Super Mario games that he can easily stomp upon. These enemies are fairly easy to kill if you're playing the regular Mario World games. In this particular game though, you can't say the same. In here, they're almost invincible, positioned where Mario can't possibly reach them.

But there's really nothing impossible for Mario's big love for Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom. With your help, he'll be capable to eliminate all of the enemies present in three tries or even less. Get your eyes on your goals and breeze through all the game's levels. Persistent Mario is always at your side. He can help you to play and reach victory in no time.

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