3d Mario Bomber Game

Play the very entertaining 3D Mario Bomber by blasting your way towards the evil King Bowser and capture him alive. Plant bombs by pressing the Space Bar. That is also how you attack all the enemies in this free game of Super Mario. When you press your Space Bar, a bomb is released. The bomb would blow after a few seconds and he has to stay clear of its path.

Move the brave Italian plumber around by playing with the Left, Right, Down, and Up Arrow Keys. At the end of each of the levels, Mario's performance will be tallied. The total time spent to release and complete that given stage, the gold coins he gathered, and the total number of kills are added up to get the level score. Press Z to increase his speed when riding.

If ever Mario is blasted away by a bomb he will be placed inside a bubble. Simply play pressing the X key to burst it and he'll be free to move around again. To speed up Mario's movements, just press C. To release Super Mario's special powers, press ZXC. The 3D Mario Bomber game difficulty level increases as you move along. On level 2, there'll be two King Bowsers to defeat.

Expect to see even more of them further along. Mario and King Bowser are arch rivals since time memorial. They are always against each other in all video games created around their characters. He's usually the main protagonist while King Bowser is the antagonist. Mario is tasked to defend Princess Peach's Mushroom Kingdom while Bowser is always scheming to take over it.

Bowser's usual way to seize the kingdom is to abduct the Princess. Luckily enough, Mario is around to save her. In this online game called 3D Mario Bomber, the super hero is not going to let Bowser get away with his evil ways. Armed with a bomb and a big heart, the hero is ready to brave it out against all of King Bowser's minions in order to save the kingdom and the princess.

If you fail in any level of the game, simply repeat that stage until you successfully clear out all your enemies. Mario is given only three lives in each level. Use them well. Remember that you've got to defeat King Bowser at all costs. That is your main mission as Mario and you've got to do everything to keep the princess and the townsfolk safe and happy. Good luck and blast Bowser away.

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